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    Checking For and Dealing With Asbestos During a Home Demolition or Renovation

    Many people are surprised to learn that asbestos is a naturally occurring substance. Most people today have heard of asbestos and know that it is dangerous and poses many health issues to someone who has been exposed to it, but their knowledge of this harmful material usually ends there. Many illnesses can be caused, worsened, or triggered by asbestos exposure, the most well-known being mesothelioma. This disease attacks the lining of the organs in the body, predominately affecting the stomach, heart, or lungs. As the disease progresses it causes pain, damages the organs, and leads to eventual death. Mesothelioma of the lungs is the most common type diagnosed and is also the one most people know about. You may be thinking to yourself why it’s essential to know about asbestos while working on home restorations or renovations. It is important to understand the risks of asbestos in the home because demolition and renovation projects are the most common ways people are exposed in the home. You will need to work with a skilled and experienced contractor that knows what to look for and how to deal with asbestos or suspected asbestos during a demolition/remodel project.

    Dangers of Asbestos Exposure

    Several factors are believed to have a direct effect on the likelihood of exposure to asbestos resulting in a higher chance for the development of mesothelioma down the line. These factors can include things such as:


    How Does Asbestos Exposure Happen?

    There are two main types of asbestos that you may be exposed to:

    The most common way people are exposed to asbestos is in their homes. Homes that were built or that had significate work done on them prior to 1987 can have asbestos in them. Many homeowners in Iowa City and the surrounding areas are surprised to learn where asbestos products may have been used in their home. According to the asbestos researchers at AsbestosAwareness, there are many household products that are made from or that contain asbestos fibers, including but not limited to:

    Inside House


    Outside House

    • Backing of vinyl sheet flooring
    • Carpet underlay
    • Cement flooring
    • Insulation below wood heater
    • Loose fill insulation in roofs
    • Some marble finish wall panels
    • Vinyl floor tiles
    • Wall sheeting – internal
    • Dog kennel
    • Downpipes
    • Eaves and gables ends
    • External angle moldings
    • Insulation for hot water pipes and tank
    • Internal and external ventilators
    • Ridge capping
    • Wall sheeting – external


    What If I Find Asbestos in My House?

    Asbestos is not something to deal with on your own. It is simply not worth the risk. Even a one-time exposure can be enough to make you sick, even years down the road. This possibility is why it is always advised to work with a demolition and renovation contractor, whose expertise will alert you to the risk so you do not inadvertently expose yourself and your family to the dangerous health effects of asbestos. If you start a project and think you may have uncovered asbestos materials, you need to seal off the area right away, and if necessary, remove everyone from the home. You will then need to call in professionals to remove the asbestos materials safely and effectively. No one should re-enter the room or even the home, depending on where the asbestos is located, until the contractor has removed it and cleaned the exposed area.

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