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    For over 15 years, Kruse Tree Trim & Construction has been providing central Iowa with quality roofing, construction, and tree services. Our dedication to superior workmanship for a wide variety of services ensures our clients are pleased with their results. You are our priority, and you will be met with the quality services and products that you deserve for your property.

    Tree Service Near Me in Iowa City

    Tree Removal Services Near Me that Keep My Property Safe and Beautiful

    When you need help with your trees, whether it is a residential or commercial property, you need the expert team of certified arborists from Kruse Tree Trim & Construction in Iowa City and the surrounding areas. Tree care and tree removal is an important part of maintaining the safety and appearance of your property. We offer a wide range of tree services and we are the tree arborists more homeowners and business owners in the area trust. Some of our most popular services include our general tree care plans to keep your trees healthy and emergency removal and trimming needs following a storm. There are many other services that we offer, and we invite you contact us today to discover them for yourself. Many people find us for the first time during their search for tree surgeons in the area and most of our customers come back to us for all their tree care needs.

    Expert Help From Skilled and Experience Tree Arborists

    Our skilled and experienced team can help you with all manner of tree care and maintenance. We provide expert tree pruning and tree trimming for trees of all sizes and all types for both residential and commercial properties. No matter how many trees you have on your property or how big they are, the Kruse Tree Trim & Construction team can keep them looking great. When you need tree removal services, regardless of the reason, or you need help with stump removal, limb cutback, or any other services, we are here to help. All of the services we offer homeowners and business owners are aimed at keeping your property looking its absolute best. A well cared for landscape is also a safe place for family member and customers, too, and we are committed to helping you keep everyone safe while they are on your property.

    Advanced Tree Care and Maintenance Services

    If you need more advanced care for your trees, we have you covered and can help you with any tree related care or clean up you may need. We offer specialized services, including tree root control, planting and planning, trimming and cut back, pest control, and landscape design assistance, among others. We can help you determine the right maintenance plan and schedule that will meet your unique needs as well as help you choose the trees that are best suited for your new landscape plan. We are also here to help when your trees suffer damage and when you are in need of tree removal and related services. After a major storm, there is always a good deal of damage that has to be dealt with, while much of it often comes from trees on the property. Our tree storm damage services are some of our most requested services, as are our tree disease diagnosis and treatment services. Everything we do here at Kruse Tree Trim & Construction is to help local homeowners and business owners keep their property looking as great as it can and keep their trees healthy and beautiful year in and year out!

    Emergency Tree Removal Services in Iowa City and the Surrounding Areas

    When you need tree removal and trimming in an emergency or hazardous situation, we are there for you and provide the best tree removal services in the area. In any emergency situation, you can count on us for quality service and professional care. When you call us, you can be assured you will get quality service and expert assistance:

    1. We will check all trees on your property in order to evaluate their condition and determine if any of them are diseased or damaged. We will then assess what needs to be done in order to address and correct any damage that has been sustained.
    2. We will check for dead limbs and other potential problems and unknown damage or dangers that might be present with your existing tree plantings, and also what may need to be addressed by our team of tree care and maintenance experts.
    3. We will work to remove any damaged or diseased trees before they become a safety hazard. Once the problem has been addressed, we will check the entire property to ensure there are no other dangers or threats yet to be detected.
    4. After all of your trees have been cut and pruned, we will clean up your property and place the debris for local pick up, or we can have it hauled away if you so wish. We will make sure your property looks better than when you called us.
    5. We are not done unless you, our customer, are completely satisfied and your property is safe once again. We will do whatever you need us to do to make you love your trees and your landscape once again!

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    For the best quality tree services, Iowa City residents know they can trust us for all their tree removal needs. To find out more about our customized care and maintenance plans and what they can do for your property, call us today for a free consultation. It is easy to see why Kruse Tree Trim & Construction is one of the leading tree companies in the area of Iowa City and the surrounding areas. Call today for a free consultation, and let us help you make your residential or commercial property the best it can be.

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