Unique Features You Can Work into Your Home Design

Unique Features You Can Work into Your Home Design

June 9, 2021

Unique Features You Can Work into Your Home Design

June 9, 2021

When you are building a home or even just in the early stages of planning out where you want to live, you have the opportunity to build unique fixtures that will make your home more useful. Everyone has different needs for their space, so when you have the opportunity to customize, you may as well make it the best it can be for your needs. Here are a few great ideas for features that can make your home stand out.

A Stone Façade

Sometimes all your home needs is a little bit of extra curb appeal on the exterior. A stone façade can help your home to stand out and give it the extra push of visual interest that it needs. There are tons of options for style and type of stone façades so you can find one that really works with the design of your home. You can choose between natural and manufactured stones and can choose shapes and colors that complement the rest of your home design. Talk to your builder about options you have available so you can make a choice that you are happy with and get the most out of your home’s exterior.

A Mudroom

If you are like most people, you probably tend to drop your jacket and shoes by the front door when you get home at the end of the day. While this seems like a convenient option, it can be a huge pain to clean up after a long week. By putting a mudroom into your home, you can build space for jackets and shoes so that you can ditch them right when you enter your door without leaving a mess behind. Lots of space to hang jackets and cubbies for shoes make mud rooms great places for every home. Mudrooms also just help you to keep some of the mess out of the living areas in your home.

A Skylight

Natural light adds a lot to any home and will help any space to feel more comfortable and lived in. A skylight is a great way to get that natural light into your home and provide visual interest. A skylight can even decrease your heating costs during the winter and help your body to produce the vitamin D it needs to be as happy and healthy as possible. When you add a high-quality skylight to your home, you make your space more enjoyable and you add value to your home which will be a great benefit when you eventually move.

Backyard Materials

Sometimes people ignore their backyard all together when they are designing their home, but it can be a great space, especially if you use the right materials. Having a nice patio area will help your backyard to be more usable and extend your entertaining space into the outdoors. Patios can be constructed with a variety of materials to meet your style needs. You can create patterns and textures with stamped concrete. Brick and stone are other great materials that can help your backyard to stand out.

A Walk-in Shower

The bathroom is one of the most important places in any home and adding a walk-in shower can make it feel like a spa. Adding in a walk-in shower from the get-go will ensure that you have the most luxurious morning routine possible from as early as possible into your home ownership. Great tile work is essential to a walk-in shower, and you can choose tile and colors that you love to personalize the space. Designing your shower with a built-in bench adds another layer of luxury and convenience that you shouldn’t miss out on.

A Front Porch

The porch is a southern classic, but it can add value and appeal to any home. By adding on a front door to your home you can create a space for spending time outside and connecting with your neighbors and your community generally. One great addition to any porch is room for a table so you can spend luxurious breakfasts soaking in the sunshine on beautiful mornings. A porch swing is another important element that can elevate your porch and make it an ideal spot for long conversations or even board games with your family and friends.

A Deck

As important as the front porch is for the front of your home, a deck is at least that important for the back. A good deck allows you to spread your entertaining space outside and get more out of your yard. If you want to go all out, make your deck into an outdoor kitchen so you can bring your barbeques up a few notches and blow away your guests. Adding shade will help you to make your deck more comfortable and can potentially help to keep out the elements when you have less than perfect weather. Nice seating and décor will finish things up and improve the space overall.

An Office

Adding a dedicated home office to your space will help you to have somewhere to go when you work from home. Dedicated office space is easier to focus in and gives you room to meet clients if you need to. One thing that can elevate any home office is built-in shelving so you can keep books, documents, and other items organized in your space. You should customize your home office to fit your needs and function as an ideal space for you to focus on.


You are a unique person, so you deserve a home that is at least as unique as you are. When you are in the stages of planning and building your home, it is the perfect time to add to that unique feel and make sure that you are creating a home that you will love. Feel free to be creative and design the kind of home that you want to live in and that will meet your needs and wants.

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