What You Need for Safe Tree Removal on Your Property

What You Need for Safe Tree Removal on Your Property

October 21, 2021

What You Need for Safe Tree Removal on Your Property

October 21, 2021

Having a tree removed from your property can be done for a variety of reasons. It can be cosmetic, or the tree could be damaged which puts your home at risk. Because it is such a process, you should make sure that the process is done safely and efficiently.

A Tree Removal Permit

Before you remove a tree on your property, you will want to make sure you know what the legalities of it are in your area. Some places don’t allow you to remove trees just for cosmetics but will allow it if the tree has the potential of falling or if it is near utility lines and could cause issues. You will want to make sure to check into the rules with your local city council or county commissioners office, as they will tell you if you need a permit or permission to remove the tree.


The size of the tree is important in determining what tools need to be used. Larger trees will need to be cut down using a chainsaw and a handsaw can be used for smaller trees. Once the tree is cut down then the process called “limbing” can happen where the branches are removed. Saws will be utilized to cut the branches. There will be a log left after the branches have been cut and this can be used for firework. The chainsaw will be used again to cut up the log. The branches are also cut to a length for disposal and will need to be collected.

Stump Remover

Having the tree stump removed is an important step to tree removal. A tree stump can be an eyesore on your property as well as causing some damage. Having a tree stump can cause a hazard to the pipes for your home. An old tree stump will begin to decay which can spread to the rest of your yard. This can bring in pests in your yard like termites and beetles. Having the right equipment to remove the stump is important in maintaining the integrity of your yard. A stump grinder can be used to remove the tree stump or chemicals can be utilized which accelerates the decomposition of the tree trunk.

Somewhere to Put the Debris

When removing a tree trunk there needs to be a place to put the debris. You can have it chipped up which you can also utilize in your landscape. A debris service can be contracted to haul it away. You could also burn debris. This option needs some planning as you need a safe place to do it, a conducive environment and weather, and it needs to be legal in your neighborhood to burn. A dumpster could be a great option as well. It is important to have a place to put debris, both for hauling away and making sure the site is safe.  Self-dumping trash hoppers make a worksite safer by keeping dangerous debris off the ground.

Safety Gear

Safety gear is an important aspect of a tree removal job. Those who are removing the tree should have the proper protection to make sure they do not get hurt while removing the tree. Helmets should be worn to protect the head from any falling debris to prevent concussions or any potential electricity. Gloves and chainsaw protective clothing will help protect from cuts and bruises. Eye or face coverings should also be worn to protect from any debris. Earmuffs are an important piece of safety gear as prolonged exposure to loud noise can cause hearing loss. Lastly, work shoes should be worn to protect from debris as well as have a better grip.

Power Line Check

Having a tree removed can be dangerous, so it is important to take all the necessary steps to make sure nothing goes wrong. If there are power lines near your home, and especially near the tree you want removed, you will want to make sure that safety precautions are taken to prevent any accidents with electricity. You can contact the utility company and figure out how the power lines can be de-energized for the tree removal process. Trees close to power lines, within 10 feet, must be removed by someone who is trained to remove trees in such situations.

Professional Assistance

Large trees, and trees near power lines require the help of professionals. If not done properly, the process of removing a tree from your property can do a lot of damage. Professionals are trained in the process of removing a tree and so they should be utilized. A professional tree remover will be able to assess the size of the tree and know the best way to fell the tree. They will also have the necessary equipment to cut down the tree as well as keep themselves safe. It is also a time-consuming project, which professionals will be able to get done quicker.


You will want to make sure you have enough space cleared to safely remove a tree. If you are using a tree removal service, you will want to be sure that there is space for their vehicles. These vehicles can include a large truck as well as a woodchipper. You will also want to make sure there is a clear route for workers to get to the tree from their vehicles so they can haul away debris without interruption. Move your cars away as well as any yard decorations or furniture. Also make sure there are no pets and children that can get in the way of workers or be at risk from a fallen tree.

To remove a tree from your property, you may need to reach out to a professional. Tree removal can be a time-consuming and dangerous job and you want to ensure it is done correctly without damaging your home or yard. Knowing what steps and what safety measures need to be taken can help you ensure that your tree removal is done safely.

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