When to Call A Stump Grinder

When to Call A Stump Grinder

January 16, 2020

When to Call A Stump Grinder

January 16, 2020

There are many times when the best stump grinder in Iowa City, Iowa, is an excellent choice for your yard. However, there are also situations in which you may not need this kind of help and want to ensure that you don’t spend too much on this kind of help. Thankfully, the following list should help you know when you should contact us at Kruse Tree Trim & Construction or when it’s time to leave us alone. Don’t forget that we can help you with this process, if necessary, to make it go more smoothly.

When Trees are Growing From the Stumps

First of all, stumps aren’t often as dead as they might seem to many homeowners. That’s because many remain alive long after the tree has been removed. It is true that the stump is in pretty rough shape and may be prone to diseases and pest invasions – which we will discuss in more depth later – but they are often strong enough and have deep enough roots to stay healthy for years. When they do, you’re going to see a new tree growing on top of the stump.

For some people, that new tree might be wanted because they cut down the tree for safety purposes. It only got too old and looked like it was about to fall. As a result, the homeowner wants a tree to grow back there to replace it. However, others may have removed the tree and wanted it gone for good. And f a new tree or sapling starts growing there, you will have to pay to get it removed anyway.

Thankfully, a stump grinder can help here. These professionals will come to your yard, destroy the growth, and grind the stump out of the yard. This process includes getting rid of the roots beneath the stump, which will ensure that nothing ever grows there again. Make sure to talk to the grinder about any other stumps that you may have in your yard and get rid of them while they are there to save yourself time and a little bit of money.

If Your Landscape Needs a Little Sprucing Up

Over the years, your landscape has become quite attractive and personalized but seems a bit stale lately. This problem occurs when you don’t take the time to tweak the look of your yard and let it get a little overrun with weeds and plants. It can also happen if you just don’t take the time to change up the style and end up getting bored with what you have going on in your yard. As a result, you may want to call a stump grinder to ensure that you keep your yard looking fresh.

That’s because these professionals can remove any stumps that are taking up space in your yard and make it easier to improve. These professionals can also perform other steps, such as trimming or removing trees and bushes, making your yard even more attractive. Just make sure that you know exactly what you want or are willing to work with these professionals to get the look that you want for your home or yard.

Start by sitting down and identifying every stump that needs to be removed. Once you’ve reached this step, you can select a method that works the best for your needs. Some will go for options like chemical destruction, while others will want a grinder. The latter choice is a good one if you want your stump wholly gone and are interested in using the woods chips for entertaining decorative purposes in your yard.

Accidents Have Happened in Your Yard

For many homeowners, stumps may seem like an attractive decorative item that they can use in clever ways. However, these individuals don’t understand the potential danger poses by these stumps. While stumps aren’t going to kill anybody or cause paralysis in most cases, their jutting presence in a yard can be a nuisance and may cause injuries and other problems that make them not worth your time to tolerate.

For example, you may have children who love to run and play in your yard. Unfortunately, there are many stumps, and they have tripped over them and sprained ankles and scuffed their arms and body. This problem isn’t one to take lightly because it may cause real damage to your children. And if you have many visitors who come to your yard, you may also want to call a stump grinder to avoid the risk of potential lawsuits.

That’s right: if somebody trips over a stump in your yard and is injured, they could potentially sue you. That’s because you owe the people who visit you a reasonable level of safety. If you fail to provide it for them by not taking care of stumps, they do have a case for a lawsuit. So make sure that you contact us right away when you have many stumps in your yard, and you want to make sure that they aren’t an issue in the future.

If You Notice a Large Number of Pests

Even if your yard isn’t used by children or animals who may trip over stumps, these remaining bits of the tree can still be a real danger. That’s because stumps have a terrible tendency to attract a large number of pests and insects. For example, various types of termites will swarm to stumps and eat them right up. Then, they will spread to other trees and cause further damage. Often, they start on stumps because they are softer and more comfortable to burrow.

However, stumps can also attract animals, such as various types of flies, which may lay their eggs in the flesh of the stump. Once these eggs hatch, the larvae grow and become flies, which may spread to other trees in your yard. Unfortunately, stumps can also attract or hold various diseases and spread them to your trees and cause an epidemic that may impact not only your yard but those of others. This situation may even result in a lawsuit.

If this situation is happening to you, you must call a stump grinder right away to get rid of these bits of wood. A grinding professional will destroy these stumps and make sure that they are taken out of your yard. Then, they will take the time to examine the possibilities of pests and diseases in your other trees. If necessary, they can either trim these trees to manage this problem or remove them if they have no other choice in the situation.

Getting the Help You Need

As you can see, there are many times when the best stump grinder in Iowa City, Iowa is an excellent choice for your home and your yard. That’s why you should contact us at Kruse Tree Trim & Construction when you need these services. Our professionals have years of experience working in this field and will do what it takes to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible. We can even provide you with the kind of expertise trimming and removal you need to keep your trees healthy.

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