Why You Might Want to Remove Trees in Your Backyard

Why You Might Want to Remove Trees in Your Backyard

October 22, 2021

Why You Might Want to Remove Trees in Your Backyard

October 22, 2021

Trees are a wonderful addition to have on your property. They make your yard beautiful and provide shade to enjoy. There may be times, however, where you would want to have a tree removed to improve your backyard.

They’re Diseased

Diseased trees will decay and eventually die and can be dangerous on your property, not to mention an eyesore. Diseased trees can become structurally damaged and can fall. Depending on the size of the diseased tree, this can cause a lot of damage or injure someone. Diseased trees can spread the disease to otherwise healthy plants in your yard, increasing the damage. Diseased trees can attract pests as they start to decompose. They can attract rodents as well as roaches or termites, which can also spread into your home.

They Pose Dangers to Your Property

A tree may need to be removed if it poses a danger to your property. One thing to look out for to see if a tree needs removing is if there are  broken or hanging limbs, as these can fall away and damage your property. Dead limbs can also be a danger as these can eventually break away and fall as well. Improperly pruned trees can develop abnormal shapes, such as a “v” shape split which has the potential to crack. You should also watch for leaning trees as these have a potential fall risk. Root damage and poor structure of a tree can also lead to problems with the trees, which can be a danger to your home and yard should they fall.  

They’re Obscuring a View

There are some cities that have an ordinance that states that part of the value of a home is having a scenic view. In this case trees may need to be removed, or parts of trees trimmed back to not obstruct a view. In the cities with the “view ordinance” also allow for you to force a neighbor to remove a tree if it is blocking a view. You are the most responsible for any trees on your property and can and should take steps to make sure that your trees are not blocking views. In some cases, there may be trees that lie on the boundary of two homes, in which case you are responsible for the portion of it on your property.  

To Make Way for Home Additions

You may want to remove trees for home additions. Some common changes that people make are adding a deck. There are many ways to improve your lifestyle with all the features you can add to a deck. This is an awesome feature to a home that increases living space and can help you make the most of your yard. You want to be sure that there is enough space to make such an addition. You also will want to make sure that there are no tree root systems that could affect the structural integrity of any home additions you make.

Too Much Shade

Too much shade from trees can do harm to the rest of the landscape on your property. Too much shade blocks the sunlight and prevents plants below the trees from growing, this can even include your lawn. Too much shade from trees can also cause soil to become dry or boggy. If you are trying to plant a garden under a shady tree, you may just need to have some branches removed as a quicker fix to help more sunlight reach the other plants. However, if you are having a problem with too much shade on your lawn, you may want to have the tree or trees fully removed.

Messy Trees

Some trees can cause a mess in your yard due to dropping needles, seeds, sap, cotton, or branches. While branches can be taken care of with some pruning, it is harder to prevent a tree from dropping its needles or seeds. These trees may need to be removed if the messes are affecting other areas of your property. If a tree is close to your home or where cars are parked, it may be a nuisance to have a tree that drops sap, as this can be very difficult to get off. Needles and cones can also be a nuisance if they are affecting outdoor living spaces such as decks. You can remove these trees and plant trees that are less messy.

Tree Crowding

Trees need plenty of space to grow. They need a strong root system, plenty of sunlight, and rich soil. If there are too many trees together, it may prevent the trees from being able to grow their root system. Trees will also have to compete for nutrients in the soil. The more trees there are, the quicker essential nutrients will be depleted. Trees need plenty of sunlight, and overcrowding will prevent the sun from reaching lower leaves. Crowded trees will also prevent moisture from getting to the soil. Improper ventilation caused by too many trees can be a breeding ground for disease which can attract pests.  

After a Storm

A big storm may cause damage to your tree. There are different categories of damage that could happen to your tree, which is important for you to assess so it can be removed. There may be some mild damage to your tree, which would just mean there is some loss of limbs, broken branches, and torn bark. Moderate tree damage is loss of limbs so much so that the tree is not stable. Severe tree damage is an uprooted or leaning tree. You may be able to remove damaged limbs and prune the tree, but if there is moderate to severe damage you should get the tree assessed to determine if it should be removed.

Trees are a great addition to your backyard. However, there may be times where removing a tree is necessary to help improve the landscape. When assessing a tree and ultimately removing it, you should seek the help of professionals.

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